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V mask EL cold light luminous mask

    This product can artificially control EL cold light luminous mask.
     It is used for masquerade ball, party, birthday party, Halloween,
     Carnival and other festival celebration props, COSPLAY performance,
     Easter, bar performance, night performance and other places of 
    personality decoration. Increase the entertainment atmosphere and 
    enhance the performance effect.
The company has a professional design team, which can customize the
mask pattern according to the customer's personality, accept the
drawing and version proofing, and accept the customer's personalized
logo and packaging customization
Product Name: EL cold light luminous mask
Product model: gzd-001
Product size: 17 * 20.5cm
Luminous colors: red, blue, green, pink, yellow, white,
                                    purple, orange, ice blue, fluorescent green
Luminous mode: flash slow flash normally on off (on / off controlled by switch)
Battery drive: 2 No.5 dry batteries (excluding battery)
Material composition: luminous strip + controller + plastic mask + elastic band
Note: This product is made by hand, it is inevitable that there are traces of hand,
             it is normal and does not affect the use


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